Marfan Syndrome Life Expectancy

Over the years, the Marfan syndrome life expectancy has improved considerably.
Though Marfan syndrome is not a life threatening disorder, being diagnosed with it would entail …..
According to a research carried out in 1972, Marfan syndrome life expectancy was markedly shorter, and most of the deaths were reported due to cardiovascular failure. In another study carried out in 1993 to see if the survival rate had changed over the years, 417 patients from 4 referral centers were studied. Survival curves were generated and data about their date of birth, their life span, treatment with beta blockers, cardiovascular surgery or a combination of both was included in the analysis. It was seen that the average Marfan syndrome life expectancy had gone up from 32 years (+/-16years) in 1972 to 61 years (+/-18 years) in 1993. Out of the 112 patients who had been treated surgically, life expectancy had gone up by 10 years in 70% of the cases. It was further observed that patients who had been treated surgically showed greater increase in life expectancy after 1980.
The Marfan syndrome life expectancy increase can be attributed to the following reasons:
• An overall improvement in the life expectancy of people round the world.
• Benefits accruing from advanced and newer techniques of cardiovascular surgery.
• Using beta blockers for clinical treatment of Marfan syndrome.
• A greater awareness among people about this genetic deformity due to which milder cases of Marfan syndrome are also now being reported and an increased frequency of diagnosis which helps avoid the complications which might arise due to this debilitating disorder. Regular monitoring for the complications which might arise due to this physical condition has helped improve Marfan syndrome life expectancy.
Being diagnosed with a genetic disorder like Marfan syndrome and having to live with it can cause emotional, financial and social stress to the affected person. The person so affected will be worried not so much for the changes he would have to bring about in his own lifestyle, but the fear of passing on Marfan syndrome to the coming generations as well. However, affected people should draw some inspiration from famous people like Flo Hyman, Sir John Tavener, Austin Carlile, Niccolo Paganini, Vincent Schiavelli and probably US President Abraham Lincoln who excelled in their respective fields and rose to the top inspite of this handicap.
People who have been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome need to know that there in nothing that can keep them from living happily even with this disorder. Though Marfan syndrome life expectancy has shown significant improvement, diagnosed people have to learn to add life to their years rather than worry about adding years to their life!!